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Finding Home by Corinne Joy Brown- I Read Book Tour-Spotlight/Author Interview-Giveaway

About the book
For every girl or boy who owns a horse, or wished they did, “Finding Home” brings all the drama and beauty of America’s wild horses to the middle-grade reader.
A coming-of-age story and a tale about friendship, trust and understanding, both horse and owner have powerful lessons to learn. Together, young Jesse Nolan from Colorado and her wild mustang, Curly Girl, rounded up in Wyoming, discover what it means to rely on oneself, as well as those who love you most.Born in the flatlands of Rock Springs, Wyoming, newborn mustang Pahaska tells the heart-wrenching story of her separation from her mother and the wild horse herd she was born into. Captured by strangers, her entire world has disintegrated. Penned in the filthy, manure-filled confines of a horse hauler’s trailer, her life is changed forever. Finding Home, a 2020 Spur Finalist for Juvenile Fiction, is a brilliantly written story about the adoption of the mustang “Curly Girl” by a teen who has always dreamed of having her own horse. Ginny McDonald’s illustrations convey fine detail and emotion in the images of the horses, bringing each one to life. This heart-warming tale will appeal to those with a love for animals.” - Joni Franks, RoundUp Magazine, Western Writers of America

And others are saying
“This beautifully written and illustrated book will appeal to any animal loving young reader. Differences (equine and otherwise) are applauded, working through complicated human relationships, a philosophical, well balanced approach to difficult issues (wild horse roundups), and positive animal training techniques are included in this educational, riveting new book!” - Nancy Sachs, Director Platte Valley Pony Club

“To see the world through the eyes of a newborn filly as she grows into adulthood, or an excited young girl in search of her first horse, is a treasure found in Corinne Joy Brown’s novel Finding Home, a story of loss and recovery told in a brilliant way. The illustrations by Ginny McDonald help to refine the wonderful writing which places the reader squarely in the experience of Curly Girl and Jesse, her adopter. Finding Home is a wonderful story for our time, in consideration of the wild horses whose freedom is threatened across the West and the people who adopt the captured ones into loving homes.” - James A. Holmes CEO and Executive Director, Cherokee Ranch and Castle Foundation and I thought blah blah blah 

Author interview
interview provided by the author
Q: What's the most courageous thing I've ever done?
A: I guess it depends on how you define courage. In my case, I think it's facing my own fear. In another author guest post for this iRead Virtual Tour, I wrote about the 100-mile, 4-day, 5 night horse trek I went on through the high country of the Colorado Rockies some 15 years ago. It was physically exhausting, terrifying at times, and a constant challenge. But I think I have to say now that helping my beloved mother fight her losing battle with ovarian cancer took more courage than that. Watching her struggle and eventually succumb required that I stay firm, compassionate and resolute. It was heartbreaking and awful to watch her decline and know that nothing I could do would reverse the course. Death comes for all of us eventually. It took courage to face hers with her. 
Q: If I could go back in time, where would I go?
A: What a great question. I think I'd like to go back to pre-World War II Europe, to Warsaw where the grandparents on my father's side (whom I never knew and who died in the Holocaust) once lived. Often called the Paris of the North, it was a cultured capital where members of the Jewish community lived respectable, successful lives. I'd like to know more about what was lost.

Q: What's my favorite travel spot?
A: Not long ago, I went to San Miguel d'Allende in northern Mexico to do research for my 2017 novel "Hidden Star."  It's a beautiful, historic Spanish Colonial city, established in the 17th century and now, a World Heritage site. Inland, it boasts no beaches, but its elegant buildings and cobblestone streets invite leisure walking and great people watching. The food is outstanding and the artist colony there is very stimulating. 
Q: Why do I write?
A: My muse is very demanding. She often refuses to let me sleep, reminding me that there are questions to be answered, ideas to explore, inspirations to be fulfilled. The creative urge in my case is endless and has many outlets, but the written word has become the best means I have to continue to know myself, find out what I think, and explore what matters. 

Q: What is your writing schedule?
A:  I don't have a schedule. I write as time allows, usually in the morning from 10-ish until about 1:30. Then somehow, the rest of the day is gone, life gets in the way. I often pick up a thread at night, returning to my desk after dinner. 

Q: If there was one thing I'd like my readers to remember about me, what would it be?

A: That I tried to be honest in my work and tell a good story.

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