Monday, August 3, 2020

Pinto by Book Spotlight Review/Giveaway-I Read Book Tours

PINTO by M.J. Evans

Book Title:  In the Heart of a Mustang by M.J. Evans
Category:  YA Fiction (Ages 13-17),  359 pages
GenreContemporary Coming of Age
Publisher:  Dancing Horse Press
Release date:   October, 2017
Format available for review:  print, mobi file (for Kindle), gifted Kindle copy, ePub, PDF, NetGalley download
Will send print books out:  USA
Tour dates: July 27 to August 7, 2020
Content Rating:  PG. Some suggested violence but not explicit

About the book 
In 1912, four men, calling themselves the “Overland Westerners,” decided fame and fortune awaited if they embarked on the longest horseback ride in history. Their goal was to visit all forty-eight state capitals over the course of three years and complete their journey at the San Francisco World’s Fair on June 1, 1915. Facing rugged roads, raging rivers, thieves and near starvation, the men went through seventeen horses. Only one horse completed the entire journey…Pinto, a little horse with a heart as big as the whole country! This is Pinto’s account of his arduous adventure.

And I thought 
A great read.   Although Pinto is a Middle Grade book it is great for the whole family.  
If your schooling at home now a days and want a little extra check this one out to share with your entire family. 
The chapters are short enough you could read together as a family.

  I like books like this.  I remember being 'snowed in' in a new city and  reading together when my kids were teenagers. 

Pinto's story is told through his eyes.  The eyes of the horse which makes it a fun read for kids.  And the adult horse lover too. 
Pinto is just the kind of book horse lovers enjoy.  

M.J. Evans' gives the reader a great story based on true events. 

I enjoyed this book and will be adding it to my book shelf.  I look forward to reading more books in this collection by the author. 

I received a complimentary copy. 
My Review will appear on retail sites and Good Reads.

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PINTO by M.J. Evans
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