Wednesday, June 24, 2020

To Love A Cowboy-Character Interview feat Poppy-The Root Of Murder by Lauren Carr

Welcome to day 3 of the To Love A Cowboy Tour!
Today we are featuring Poppy and J.J's love story . . .

Sherry:  Hello, Poppy. We first met you in the Lovers in Crime Mystery, KILLER IN THE BAND, when you were driving through Chester in your camper/horse trailer and encountered a horse who had escaped from Russell Ridge Farm and Orchard. Did you have any idea then that you would be staying?
Poppy:  I believe that life is what happens while we’re making other plans. I knew when I turned the corner in that road and there was Comanche running straight toward me that I was needed. I didn’t know the circumstances at the time, Comanche told me that she needed my help and I couldn’t just get back in my camper and leave.
Sherry:  Comanche told you. We should tell our readers that Comanche is a horse—
Poppy: A beautiful palomino mare.
Sherry: And that you are a horse whisperer.
Poppy:  Not really. Anyone can communicate with any animal—great or small. All you have to do is learn how to listen.
 Sherry:  Gulliver is your horse. A beautiful leopard Appaloosa.
 Poppy:  He prefers to be called drop-dead handsome. He’s another reason I stayed on. Gulliver and I have been together, traveling the country—going wherever God sends us. Then, Gulliver fell in love with Comanche.
 Sherry:  And you fell in love with J.J., the owner of Russell Ridge Farm and Orchard. I’ve noticed the beautiful diamond ring you’re wearing.
 Poppy:  Yes, that happened rather unexpectantly. One day, I was J.J.’s horse trainer, helping him take care of the farm, which Suellen, his first love had left for him after she tragically died in KILLER IN THE BAND. Then, J.J. went to Washington (Murder by Perfection) to help his father look for Murphy, that’s J.J.’s identical twin. Suddenly, out of the blue, he calls me and asks me to marry him and have a house full of kids.  We hadn’t even been out on a date.
Sherry:  Didn’t you two eat dinner together every night and go out on the weekends? Go out on the weekends and go to church together on Sunday?
Poppy:  Well … yes.
Sherry:  Some people would call that dating. And now you are planning your wedding in THE ROOT OF MURDER. How are the wedding plans coming?
Poppy:  Not so good right now. J.J. got his first real official murder case as a defense attorney.
 Sherry:  Isn’t that good.
Poppy:  Yes, but it’s a very difficult case. At first, J.J. thought he was guilty because the defendant, a young man who J.J. has known since high school, had threatened the victim and the murder weapon was found right there in his house. What makes it worse is that the murder victim’s daughter was Heather Davis, a girl who J.J. used to date. Now she’s a suspect along with Madison Whitaker, another girl who J.J. had dated at the same time as Heather. 
Sherry:  Wow. Aren’t you worried about J.J. investigating a case, questioning these two ex-girlfriends?
Poppy: No, I trust J.J. (giggles) But I have to admit, it is fun to see them make him sweat.
Sherry: I hope this murder investigation doesn’t interfere with your wedding plans. Do you have your gown yet?
Poppy: No. but I know exactly what it is going to look like. It’s a mermaid gown with a gold net overlay. (sighs) unfortunately, I can’t find it anywhere. But that’s the gown that I’m meant to wear. So it’ll show up. 
Sherry: What if your gown doesn’t show up?
Poppy: Then I’ll have to walk down the aisle in my birthday suit. If that happens, then I guarantee it will be a wedding that folks in Chester will be talking about forever.

 Poppy an J.J.'s love story begins in . . .
And blossoms in . . .

Happily ever after . . .

. . .until there is another crime to solve


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What a fun interview with POPPY. Love that girl!

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