Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Checking Off The List-Mantle Redo

Good Morning and Welcome

I am super excited to share with you my mantle redo.  Yesterday I shared my plan and inspiration
on my 'To Do' List post over  here

As soon as I saw the inspiration pic on another blog I knew exactly what I was going to do!

I started collecting vases from around the house

And then I created this!

I am so happy with this beautiful display that came 
together  . . .
After a stroll in my garden . . .

I have large bed of Bee Balm.   I started in one are and then moved to the end of the bed for the taller plants.
It didn't take long to collect these glorius blooms for my project.
The Bee Balm lasts all through the summer so I can replace the cuttings if I choose to keep the display for awhile. 
We'll see
Right now I am loving this Vignette
At least until I have another inspiration.

Thanks for stopping in!
Have a Blessed and Cheery Day!

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Molly the Airedale said...

Your flowers are so pretty both inside and outside!

GranthamLynn said...

Thank you for coming by I enjoyed sharing my flowers with you

Christina Henry said...

The beautiful flowers really make a difference. Very nice

My thrift store addiction said...

Very lovely! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

French Ethereal said...

Sherry, so glad you came over for Share Your Style this past week as I am happy to feature your lovely mantel redo at Share Your Style #260 this evening!!! Plus, I get to hopefully bring you a few more friends. How do we sign up? You'll have to go into Blogger to Layout, then when your layout pops up: Add a Gadget. The one you want is Followers Gadget or the like. You can also add other things to your sidebar, too. Check out a bunch of friends' posts on Blogger and you'll see how they have their sidebars. Hope that helps! <3

Barb :)

French Ethereal said...

Hi Sherry!! I love how your mantel turned out. <3 I'm not sure if my attempt to write a comment a couple of days ago worked so I am writing again. Happy to feature your post at this week's Share Your Style #260 and I love the bee balm!!!

I just happened to see some growing in a drive-through while we were up in South Dakota/Kansas/Nebraska. Can't remember where but I thought it looked like a puffy lavender and took a photo with my camera phone to remember it. So happy to know what it is! Will have to see if it'll grow here in Texas. <3

Have a great weekend and thanks again for linking up with SYS!!!
Barb :)