Friday, March 1, 2013

5 Minute Friday

Joining Lisa-Jo and talking about Ordinary 

5 Minute Friday is a link up where Lisa-Jo gives the prompt and then we write for 5 Minutes.  Set a timer and write.  Just what comes to mind.  Just what God puts on your heart.  No second guessing, no back tracking, no editing.  Just freedom. 

Here goes . . .


I'm just an Ordinary girl.  Going through my old almost boring to some people Ordinary day.  But to me it is extra Ordinary.  I love my life.  God put a spirit in my soul to be just Ordinary me.   Just an Ordinary mom and wife.  An Ordinary keeper of the home.  But if I think about it there is
nothing Ordinary about being a keeper of the home.  Many years later after my kids have grown and started families of their own I look back and I see there is nothing Ordinary.  And so I give myself a title.  The title of CHO Chief Home Officer or Organizer depending on the situation.  Looking at that title there is nothing Ordinary about it.  I love my little ordinary days.  I love that I am able to stay at home and be a helpmate to my ordinary 'ole Cowboy Preacher.  Ordinary is good.  Ordinary one day becomes Extraordinary!  Just wait you'll see . . .

Loving My Ordinary Journey


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