Thursday, March 14, 2013

5 Minute Friday-- Rest

Joining Lisa Jo and her flash mob to talk about Rest.

Writing for 5 minutes on a the topic.  No editing. No backtracking just writing. 

Here goes....

Start. . .

Rest thinking of resting.  But what about the rest of...  the chocolate cake that looks so good?

Or the rest of a piece of fabric to put into another quilt. 

Or the rest of the book I want to read.

Or the rest of  time I have to spend with you? 

Spending the rest of tonight writing a few words that will maybe make a difference.

I finish my days work and look at the few minutes left and I think I can spend the rest of the day doing  ____

What do you think of when your day ends and you have a few minutes left? 

What does the rest of the day mean? 

I remember it was not long ago that my house was filled with laughter and talking.  Filled with kids. 
And my thoughts were I need Rest. 

But too soon it is quiet.  And I don't have to look for those times of peace and rest. 

Are you looking for rest?   Enjoy them.  The moments of Rest.  And enjoy the moments of chaos. 

They don't last.   Too soon you'll find quiet and Rest.


Joining Lisa Jo for Five Minute Friday . . .
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