Thursday, November 25, 2010

Good Search and help our ministry

Last year I began a test to see if this really worked.  I really didn't work too hard and now I wish that I did.  I got a few people to join our cause. The Auto Mission driving school.  We raised $780.00 when one of our board members chose 'our' cause for his birthday.  We got the $780.00 within 2 weeks!

And I began using the Good Search engine occasionally. 
And, just last week I received our year end check.  It wasn't a lot but it was worth the few minutes I spent when I clicked Good Search instead of Google. 
We received a $15.34 check.  Just because I used Good Search!  This was such easy money for our ministry! 
I put the link on my sidebar and I am hoping that you'll decide to use this simple way to help our ministry. 
If you have questions about what we do go check out our blog over here.  
Even if you only do a couple of searches using Good Search its helps us!  All you have to do is download the toolbar and put Auto Mission/ Bedford,Texas as your charity!  And, when you shop at the Good Shop stores we get a % of your shopping!  SWEEEET!
So if your planning on-line Christmas shopping maybe you could check out the Good Shop sites and help us help kids!
Thanks for checking it out!

And btw I know Good Search first!
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