Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Guest Post Crafty In Crosby Tutorial

Hi Everyone! This is Leigh and Jeanette from Crafty In Crosby.

Thanks to Sherry at My Journey Back for inviting us over!

We feel like stars!
Here's a little bit about us -


Now on to the good stuff! We thought we would share our Valentine Yarn and Coffee filter wreath post with you today.
Yarn & Coffee Filter Wreath
After seeing all the great yarn wrapped wreaths on Pinterest, Leigh and I decided we needed to make one for the Valentine's Mantel. I wanted a ruffle behind it and thought that coffee filters might work.  What do you think?

Valentine's Day, Wreaths, Hearts, Coffee Filters

This was a super quick and easy wreath that you could make in an hour.

Here's how to make it.

1.  Wrap a styrofoam with yarn.

2.  Fold a coffee filter in half and then in half again. Like this - 
3. Place a dot of hot glue inside the fold down at the tip.

4. Fold the tip up and place a dot of hot glue inside to hold it down. Like this -

5. Then glue the coffee filters to the back of the wreath all the way around. I used about 20 filters.
6. For the rosettes, just grasp the middle of an open coffee filter and twist it into the desired shape.

7. Add your heart accents and glue on to the wreath. The large hearts are picks from the Dollar Tree and the small ones are from a package of table scatter.

Ta Da! You're done!

I made the wreath to go on my mantel but it is extremely difficult to take a good picture in our family room due to the glare on the large framed piece from the transom windows! But here it is -
I just love how quick and easy this was to make, plus it is just so darn cute!
Hope have a wonderful Valentine's Day and thanks again to Sherry for inviting us to visit!

Wasn't that a fun project.  When I saw it over at Crafty in Crosby I had to ask the girls to come over and visit and share it here. 

Thanks for Joining the Journey . . .

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