Thursday, February 7, 2013

Design Elements for a Valentines Day Dinner Part 1

Collecting a few elements from my stash to Tweak my mantle . . .

My mirror has been in storage but I think it's time to use it . . .
Perfect to sit on the mantle above the Vignette I am planning.
But . . .  

I saw this and thought hmmm.  Maybe red? 
Just not sure

If all goes right we'll have some stemmed glasses
Some sparkling and fizzy Red Kool Aid w/ Sprite
And Strawberries ready to dip in Chocolate 

Love this element idea
Wonder where I can use it? 

Love my big 'ole vase it'll sit somewhere
Maybe with a few flowers

Should we go with the cystral

    Lot's of plans lots of ideas  . . .
Oh I need White Spray!
I have a really cool project going today!
Gotta run
Gotta get it done
7 days 
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