Friday, February 22, 2013

5 Minute Friday Reflections on Mother

Joining the Friday regulars and writing for 5 minutes with only
a prompt.  No editing, no backtracking just writing.

Here goes. . .
Start What Mama Did . . . Mama  I don't ever remember I
time that I didn't call her Mother.  What mother did was love our daddy.  Mother went to work when I was in elementary.  I remember walking home from school alone (it was the 60's) and coming into an empty house.  But that empty house smelled like hot fresh popcorn.  We had a gas oven with a pilot light.  Mother always popped me (no microwave) popcorn and left it for me.
I don't remember if there was a Dr. Pepper waiting to but probably!
She also had the meat for our dinner staying warm in the oven. 
I was cooking our dinner way before I was probably old enough.  At least getting the vegetable and a salad read and filling glasses with tea.  Milk was only served with cereal at breakfast. 
Mother always seemed to have lunch ready on Sunday when we walked into the house.  It was usually pot roast.  But what I can't figure out is how she had fried chicken ready.  I think that one I must have fantazied.  I keep trying to remember to ask a sib about that. I was the youngest when Mother went to work my older sister was already in college and working and didn't spend much time at home but my older brother was still home he probably helped with meals until he started working.  But once they both were working it was just me and our Daddy for dinner.  Mother didn't drive and still doesn't.  (I sore subject with all of us.)  Mother also didn't ride on the freeway.   It wasn't until I started driving that she was forced to get on the freeway.  She learned that there was a big 'ole world out there full of stores and resturants.  And she decided she would enjoy it.  And now some many, many years later she even rides in a bus with a bunch of neighbors to WinStar.  Hello?  What is up with that Mother gambling?  She doesn't think it's gambling they give her $30.00 free money.  She plays the nickle slots!
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