Monday, February 18, 2013

Blue Monday---Blue Crochet

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And now The Blue

I've been thinking about doing a little crochet.
So I figured I needed . . .
A little yarn and a hook.  And what better color than Blue.

And a few ideas were in order.  So I went to the handy dandy
Google page and clicked images and typed in Blue Crochet.

And here's what a found

Flowers and Buttons very cute and fun.  And simple and Blue. 

And next this one was just cute and sweet.

Now the next one is really, really cool I think.  And I definately could use one!

Gorgeous.  I am not sure if it is crochet but it's Blue and gorgeous.

Next now this is what I think of when I think crochet . . .

A pretty Blue Afghan. 

And then I found something fun . . .

And very cute. 

And something practical. A tiny little coin purse. But I think this one is too cute to hide I would put it out and show it off.

Very cute Blue.

Yes.  I am inspired to buy some Blue yarn. 

Thanks for visiting my Blue Monday post. I'll be by to see all the links at Sally's when I return from Hobby Lobby! 

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