Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Babies Grow Into Children . . .

. . . And children grow into teenagers. 

Have you ever thought about the next 10 years?  Or the 10 years after that?

Are you still in the diaper or toddler stage?  Or maybe your enjoying car pools and waiting in line picking up grade schoolers
and rushing home and going through the nightly routine just waiting till it's time for everyone to go to bed so you could put your feet up?
Yesterday I posted some photo's entitled a trip down memory lane in Blue.  (for Blue Monday)  I got a lot of email and comments about these sweet photo's. 

It was fun putting them together.  Remembering the times my kids spent feeding horses.  Riding in events and just basically enjoying everyday life centered around a horse. 

We didn't own a ranch.  We didn't even have the horses in our back yard till our kids were in college.  But they spent every waking moment with those horses.  When they were old enough to drive they would leave school and go to 'the pasture' and they would be there till it was dark and time to come home. 

We spent every weekend as a family.  All day Saturday we were at some horse event or another. 

Do you spend time with your little kids on the weekend?  Are you at soccer games, or t-ball and baseball.  Or at dance recitals? 

Have you thought about the teenager years?  They aren't so far away. 

Spending time as a family is so important!  One of our favorite things to do on Friday nights was to go to our neighborhood
Barnes and Noble.  We didn't really set a budget we just told each kid they could buy one horse book for our library.  We would spend the evening searching and deciding on just the right book.
We would end up in the cafe with a stack of books and while sipping hot chocolate we would decide which ones we would buy. 

Those were some fun times for us as a family. 

Do have special things you do as a family? 

It won't be long before you know it you'll be taking a walk down
memory lane. 

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