Saturday, October 20, 2012

Then Sings My Soul/Ministry Update

Welcome to a beautiful Saturday!  I hope yours is as beautiful as mine is.  The weather is great and I am smiling and enjoying each new day.     

Today I am joining Amy Wyatt for Then Sings my Soul Saturday.   am sharing  a song that we played last week at our chapel service.  And  

And, a couple of prayer requests.  These touched me so much that I decided to share them with you. 

This from a young man that got saved a few weeks ago. His words give me encouragement to know that this ministry makes a difference in many lives.
"Lord please go into these young men's lifes and touch them like you've touched me.  Show them the better way.  Please watch over my family because there going through tough times. Amen" 

And from a boy who been struggling recently.  "God all i want to say is thank you for everything that is happening.  I'm getting my GED, my 3 and going home in December.  thank you God."  It was such a Blessing to talk to this young man about seeing the answers to his prayers.  He has been depressed and he was getting discouraged.

This one broke my heart . . . "This place ain't lettin me goin 2 church and it is makin me mad!  Do you think you can do something about that?  And help me get me 4 on the 24th.  I have been trying really hard and it ain't good enough.  And thanx for blessing me in my life and giving me my talent. " Another volunteer takes a few boys that are allowed to a church on Saturday night.  This boys is frustrated he hasn't been able to go. 

And tomorrow I'll be Worshipping and Praising and watching the smiles on thier faces as they learn more and more about God. 

Thank you for going with me On The Journey . . .

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Denise said...

Thanks for sharing, love you.