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Hear it on Sunday and . . .

    . . .  Use it on Monday

I saw this and thought it was a great topic of discussion so I got to thinking about what I and probably you hear on Sunday or whichever day it is that you worship. For many of the people I know and sometimes for myself we worship on Saturday. For us Saturday is a time we can worship as the worshipper. That is because on Sunday morning we my Cowboy and I take church to a group of teenager boys that are in prison. Ours is not the regular church 'crowd'. Ours are 15-18 year old boys searching. Many of them do not know what they are searching for. There are a few that don't come but; most of them do. They are seeking and so the sermons reach out to them.

Here' are a few slides and thoughts . . .
Have you ever felt this way?  Looking for a church where you belong.  As humans we are seeking human contact.  It just seems to be so difficult to walk into a new church.  You just seem to want to 'know' someone.  But as silly as we can be about that topic.  The fact is we really don't need to know someone we just need to "Know" The One . . .
This was a funny slide to use one week.   When Cowboy was speaking he paused to give them a chance to read the slide.  They firgured it out and started murmurring that it was spelled wrong.  But, that was the whole message.  Live in God . . .as a Christian, or a Christ Follower or as a Seeker, whatever you call yourself.  Wherever you are in your relationship with God it is about Living with Him now and for Eternity . . .
It's about learning to Fully Rely on God . . . I really can't take credit for this photo.  I saw this particular verse on a Wordfilled Wednesday Post by Mircles Can Happen.  If you have the time I would love for you to visit them.  They are a home for young boys that have been in jail it is is located in Iowa they have an amazing ministry.   When I say thier photo I knew the verse was perfect for this photo of one of my Drama Teams.  I so wish I could show the videos of them.  They do an amazing job sharing themselves and performing in church. 

Todays message was a little different and caused many of the boys to really think . . .

Although it was for the boys where they are in life I think the message is clear and is one we need to all remember.  Sometimes there are warning signs we should avoid.  Sometimes even those that are Chrirstians will make decisions without talking to God about it.  Sometimes we make mistakes.  I have to say that is one of my biggest problems  thinking God has directed me one way and then realizing that maybe he wasn't when things have not turned out the way I expected.  I still struggle so much.  I realize that I need to be much better about actually really talking to God and listening. 

I am trying.  I am trying to Pray more.  I am trying to listening more.

I pray that the words of warning I heard today will help me and the others that heard them to listen closer to God.  And, I pray that since you visited here today that something written here has helped you. 

I pray that you will remember me and my Cowboy as we share Gods love and Hope. 

And, I pray that you'll take a minute to remember a couple of prayer requests that the boys wrote today.  Sometimes their words, their thoughts and their hurts well I cannot describe how I feel.  Here's what they said . . .

"I want to ask 4 forgiveness.  I need you to help me.  help me to learn what my mission is.  Help me to change into the man I should be.  Help me to get my stage and maintan a positive attitude."
Last week this boy asked for forgiveness because he used a Ouqui Board.  We had been talking about the passage of scripture about not talking to dead people. 

"Dear Heavenly Father,
Help Zane to get better and let me have a good birthday. Amen" Today is this boys birthday.  He and some of the other boys love our 4 year old grandson.  Zane was sick on Friday with a virus and had to go to the emergency room.  They made a card and we took to him after church. 

"Pray for my Uncle that he grows a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ that he gives us spirtiual wisdom and insight to make it another day.  I pray for my little girl Carsyn and my brother." This young man was saved only a few Sundays ago.  He has been in and out of jail for a few years.  He told me very briefly last week that his Uncle got saved.  He was so happy and excited. He will be leaving and going to live with the uncle. 

Thank you for stopping in and spending a few minutes.  Thank you for your prayers.  

May your Journey be Blessed . . .
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