Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Sings My Soul Saturday Walk The Line

I am Welcoming myself back and you to . . . .
Then Sings My Soul Saturday hosted by the very sweet Amy Wyatt. 
It has been too long since I have gotten to post on a Saturday and join Amy.   I have missed being able to visit and see new songs and to also share some I have found.

Today I want to start my return with something a little different.  I am starting today by sharing with you each week the favorite song from our Sunday service (from the week before). 

In case your new or don't realize where I worship on Sunday morning let me explain a little before I share the video.  My husband is a volunteer chaplain at one of our states prison units for youth offenders.  Our congregation consists of 15-18 year old boys that committed felony offences.  We have been providing church service for almost 3 years now.  

Alot of the music we share on Sunday is relevant to them but alot is the same music you probably hear in your service or on your local Christian station. 

The following is a little different for you I am sure but please watch it all the way through.  It has a great message.  And, if you'll look really closely you'll find Bible verses hidden throughout the video.   

Did you notice any verses hidden?  The boys really enjoyed this video because it meets them where they are.   We are glad to have been introduced to D-Earl and his work.  He has an amazing gift and he uses it to share the gospel.  I hope you enjoyed this introduction.  

Please come back and visit.  I have a feeling what my song will be for next Saturday! 

And, please visit me throughout the week.  Monday I'll be posting a Mosaic and a Blue post come and check them out.

May your Journey be filled with song . . .

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