Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Life with a Dog

Have you ever tried to take a photo of your dog wearing a sheet pretending to be a Ghost for Halloween? Almost as hard as taking a photo of  a toddler that seems to never stop moving!

Now don't get me wrong here,  I am not a big Halloween fan and that is a different post; but a couple of years ago I was taking photo's in the yard and just came up with the idea to illustrate this verse . . .
And she cooperated perfectly.

I had started taking the photo's to show off my late blooming zinnia's but I loved illustrating this great verse. 

In case you haven't met her this is my dog Daisy.  She can be easily described as a velcro dog.  She is usually touching me.  No matter if I am sitting or walking she is normally against my leg or within touching distance; right now as I type she is lying next to my chair facing me and watching me as I type. 

I have heard people say that when you rescue a dog from the pound that they are even more devoted.
And I think that I can agree with that thought process at least according to what Cowboy claims. He claims that when I am gone and he is home alone with Daisy that she just kind of mopes around the house waiting till I return. 

I have always had a dog.  I love dogs.  We had a lab when our kids were growing up they were never without a dog. 

But, when our son married they weren't able to have a dog.  Not only with deposits for dogs at apartments his wife was not interested in getting a dog.  

It has been 12 years now since he has had a dog.  But, recently a dog wandered onto their property. It was a nice little dog and they let it hang around.  One day it chased a posseum away from the chicken house.  And it chased a fox away another day.  The dog managed to worm it's way into my DIL heart at least enough for her to allow it to stay on the porch. 

Amazingly enough she mentioned the other day . . . "I haven't seen Thomas smile like this in years."  He loves the dog.  He is planning on taking her hurting. 

Did you know that a dog can warm even a very cold heart?  Did you know how theraputic a dog can be.  Actually lots of animals are very therapuetic.  My daughter teachs a form of horse back riding at a school for Austic children.  The horses are used as therapy. 

I am glad that I was Blessed with parents that allowed us to have dogs. (My mother does not like dogs)  I am Blessed to have always had a dog in my life. 

I am wondering is your family considering a dog?  Do you have a child that is begging for a dog?

I know they are a lot of work.  And, that may be your fear in owning a dog.  But,  trust me the benefits really out weigh the negatives. 

Just ask my friend Denise at Shorty Bear's Place.  Click here to visit her blog and meet her new best friend Coco.  

Thanks for coming by and sharing your day with me.   I would love to meet you.  Leave me a comment! 

On a Blessed Journey . . .

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Denise said...

Daisy is so precious, thanks for sharing her. I really appreciate your mentioning me and coco. I love you.