Saturday, October 27, 2012

It's a Dogs Day Saturday

Daisy invited a couple of friends over to Welcome you to our new
Saturday feature. 

The other day Daisy hacked into the computer see her post here.  And so I decided to let her have her Saturdays back and share some of her friends with you on Saturday afternoons. 

And since we got balloons she said it was a party and her friends should dress up . . .

 What a lovely new white coat.  It is cold here in Texas today. . .
 And a couple of new friends recently engaged had eyes only for each other  . . .
 I finally realized why she hacked into the computer the other day.
She has a new boyfriend.    She was happy he was going to have a leave for the weekend.  So that is why she wanted to have a party.
 Alway the jokesters these friends thought we needed some Hot Dogs  so we did one even better and made . . .

Some festive yummy treats.  Daisy thought Mummy Dogs would be just perfect party food. 

Thank you for stopping in it wouldn't have been a party with you!

And btw Daisy would really love to visit you.  If you blog about your dog leave us a comment and invite us over.  We would love to feature you here one Saturday.

1 comment:

Denise said...

Coco said to tell Daisy hello. The party looks really fun, coco is green with jealousy, she is pouting because she did not get to be there.