Friday, October 26, 2012

5 Minute Friday-Voice

Voice . . .yes I have found my Voice again . . .

Joining Gypsy Mama and writing for 5 Minutes straight on a topic.  No thinking it out.  No worries.  No grammar check just 5 minutes of writing . . .
Start . . . I am happy to say that I have found my voice again.  Here on this blog I am able to write about my thoughts, my feelings, the things that make me smile.  It is a medium I control sort of.  Sort of because I spend my type writing about topics and thoughts that others suggest.  Like 5 minute Friday.  Or on Monday posts about found Blue items.  But even though I follow suggestions of others I write what I think.  And,  I hope that what I am writing about is a Blessing to my readers.  Wow; to be able to say that . . . I have readers.  Yes I think there are a few people that come by and visit.  Some people that are interested in what I am thinking about.  Maybe they are interested in ' This Voice'. 

And, I pray.  I pray that the words that leave my mouth . . . This Voice is pleasing to God.  I pray that the words and thoughts that are expressed here draw you The Reader into a closer relationship with Jesus.  I pray that my Voice is His Voice. 

Thank You for Joining me on the Journey . . .

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