Monday, March 1, 2010

When something is lacking . . .

Today I realized that something is lacking.

I dream of this. I dream of Friday Date Night. I dream of my Cowboy and I playing together.

And I realize today that Cowboy and I don't pray together. Oh we pray each pray regularly.
But not together.

Today when I visited Denise I read her Marriage Monday post. Todays topic at Marriage Monday is 'Prayer in Marriage'.

This is definately something that I realize we need to work on.

Right now we are struggling in many ways.

When you struggle financially it can definately take it's toll on your marriage.

Just today Cowboy got annoyed with me because I had not written and turned in a report to one of our funders before it's due date. He got really mad because I hadn't done it. This particular funder holds up our monthly check till our report is in. As I said he got really mad. He didn't want to hear my reason for not having it completed yet and turned in. In my defense I got angry with him and yelled and him. I had some perfectly good reasons for how I was handling it.
But because of the strain we are both under he wasn't too interested in hearing my reasoning.

It is especially hard for us because we are in Full-time ministry. Our ministry and our personal income is provided through donations.

I realize that we need to not only trust God but we need to trust each other. We need to lean on each others as we have faith in God.

And we need to pray for seperately for each other. And we need to pray together.

Thank you Denise for writing your wonderful post today. Thank you for being God's servant and for helping me realize how important prayer is.

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