Friday, March 19, 2010

Welcome to My Home

Today I wanted to invite you to visit my friend Traci over at her blog. Here's her cute logo.

Click here to get there easy peasy. I have been visiting Traci for a while. Yesterday when I went by I saw she had a giveway. To enter you only have to leave a comment but if you want another chance you can either put a link on your sidebar or write a post.

Since I wanted to share what I want to have if I win. I wanted to write a post so I could show you this . . .

The Welcome graphic from . I just love this. I hope I win it would look so great on my new front foor wherever it is. LOL.

We have found a house but there are lots of details to work out. One being I need to raise some money so I have a couple of ideas. Besides my ebay and etsy store I am going to start selling our cookbooks here on the blog. I am looking for a couple of people to review so if your interested in receiving 2 free cookbooks (one to keep one to give away) just leave me a comment with your email.

The other thing is and I got some advice from Traci on this is to sell some ad space here on the blog and over at My Home Sanctuary too. I'll need a little help I think setting it up I am still pretty much a dummy at blogging. Of course anyone wanting to purchase add space will want it easy to use, pretty and easy to find so I will be changing my layout a little, pretting it up and making it more clean I think is the word.

So if your interested in advertising email me! Don't forget if you want to review let me know.

Here's my email

Don't forget to go by Traci's.
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