Saturday, February 21, 2009

I wish...Then Sings My Soul Saturday

I have had this song stumbling around in my head for a few days.
One of my favorite things is the c.d. package on my cable. There is a Contemporary Christian music channel and I just love it. They play new and old songs. Not like our radio station that tends to play the same songs over and over.
Here's the song I am humming...

There were a couple of videos on you tube but I chose this one because of the interview. God touched me by hearing this. You see the group is branching out into Country Music and in the past when I have heard of other Christian bands or singers do this I was somewhat judgemental. But I see now that God can use these wonderful singers through the medium of Country music to bring many more people unto himself.

I love the words of the song because even though I believe in God and have a relationship with Christ many of these words fit me. I wish things were better.
I wish better for my baby girl (not really a baby anymore though) I wish that I were more like Jesus. That is the biggest one.

And I pray that someone by hearing this song learns that God loves them and accepts Christ as thier savior.

And before you run over to Amy's for Then Sings My Soul Saturday.

Check out this post here. I was Blessed to see Pointe of Grace last year at a local church. I was able to take 10 girls from our halfway house to the Girls of Grace Conference. As I sat and listened to the speakers I was hearing things I didn't want to forget. I am a note taker and I was itching to take notes but I had to keep an eye on the girls. A few minutes into the first speaker one girl reached for the pencil in the pew and began writing on her brochure. Then another girl 7 out of the ten girls ended up writing down notes during each speaker. I am thankful that
Pointe of Grace reaches out to thier younger sisters sharing Christ love and bringing many more into the kingdom.
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