Friday, April 4, 2008

Show and Tell Friday

Welcome to Show and Tell Friday hosted by Kelli.
Please go and visit her blog Thank you Kelli for hosting.
My Show and Tell this week is of part of my den/game room. It is the room with the horse themed bathroom that I featured a couple of weeks ago. And also the horse book shelf with the little red boots that everyone liked.
Today I am showing one more wall and the items there.
First is a wonderful handpainted pottery plate that my sister bought me. She lives in Seattle now but she lived in Portland when she sent this. She travels alot and goes to artisian type events so I am not sure where it was bought.

I just love this plate. It is sitting on our dresser. In this house the dresser really didn't fit in the bedroom. We had it there for almost two years. And just recently I decided it would work much better in the den. We didn't use most of the drawers because we hang our tshirts and stuff and we have a matching chest so it got moved to the den. It actually matches my den furniture too so it fit great.
You'll notice that our theme in the room is a bit eclectic. (I am sorry for the glare on the photo) On the right is a fullsize Remington Bronze. It is ridiculously heavy and I have moved it or gotten cowboy to move it all over the house. It now stays right here. It is of a mountain man. Then above it hanging on the wall are wholly chaps. The chaps we bought on a vacation trip to Rapid City South Dakota. We planned this trip in a matter of 5 days when we heard of an auction there. The chaps were bought at the auction. The chaps also have hung in many places. In our first house they were in the entrance hall along with the bronze. We had a curved stair case and they hung in the staircase wall. The bronze sat on an antique library table and was the first thing you saw when you walked in. These are fun peices because we have had them a long time and they have a lot of history with our family.
The next photo I saved for last because I wanted to make sure you all looked at and read the rest. This photo has another pair of boots and I knew you would all love them.
This shelf was originally pale lavendar and held elephants in my daughters room. (remember the elephant Show and Tell) Then it was painted red and black. I mentioned the red/black attempt at finishing the furniture (see the kitchen book shelf Show and Tell) Now it hangs in the den you can see the chaps beside it. (I usually cover the thermostate with the chaps but I need new velcro0 On the shelf are some really old boots. My nephew wore them. Then my son and then my daughter.
The photo was taken on the South Dakota/Wyoming trip. My daughter is talking to the horse that was in Dances with Wolves. Yes it really is the horse from the movie. This was one highlight of the trip for her. (the other highlight I'll share in another post on a Saturday.) The kids loved seeing him and feeding him treats. (We went to this museum that had a ton of memorabilia from the movie. It is outside Deadwood South Dakota. Kevin Costner owned a Resturant and casino there. We didn't get to see him though.)
I hope you enjoyed my Show and Tell these things in our den really do hold many memories for us. And it was fun sharing them with you and remembering.
Come back and see me and please leave a comment. I have lots of posts in my archives. And on my Saturday posts you can read about my dog Daisy and her friends. Have a fun Show and Tell day!
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