Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Good Bye to Tea Time Tuesday

 Good  Morning today is the last Tea Time post for the year.  But do please come around for Hit Chocolate  Parties starting next week! I promise fun! 

Except when it's  Hot Chocolate time!

Today I am sharing  images from Pinterest  . . . 

A couple of years ago because of blogs.  I fell in love with Tea Parties and Tea Cups. 

 I love cups on books.  And stacked like the photo above. 
I love cups on pretty tables.  And I love pretty linens.  

You know the ones you don't let Him or the kids touch! 

Just look at the yummiest.  I don't  even have to have Tea or Sweets to be happy. 

I have a secret!  

It's  really kind of a Birthday  wish. I want to go around town to all the antique  shops and find Tea Cups.  I am sure I won't  buy any.  Because  they are so expensive but,  I'll sneak a few pics! 

Don't  tell!

See you next week for

Hot Chocolate w/

The Big Guy! 

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