Monday, November 7, 2022

Happy Homemaker in Texas End Of October Post

The last few weeks have been crazy busy.  I didn't want to miss posting this one I didn't get a chance to finish earlier! 

The weather 

Gorgeous  sun.  It only gets mid 80's.  🏝 Island Life! A lot rain over night. 

As I look out my window 

The neighbors put up a Pumpkin bunting and 3 ghosts on her porch rail.  

I bet she gets Christmas on! 

Right now I am playing catch up.  I was sick with Migraines a few days.  Boy things get behind so easy! 

 Thinking and Pondering that Christmas Tree in the corner 

How I am feeling 

Better than I have for several  days.  Not sure if I had Migraines  but whatever  it was sure painful. 

On the breakfast/lunch plate

Usually have Brunch.  We rarely eat both meals.  I do drink a glass of the morning if I think about it. 

What I am wearing  just the same boring thing.  I stay home except  for walking dogs.  No need for fancy duds. 

Maybe not such skinny jeans only if they are stretchy.

On my reading pile 

Not much reading.  My eyes are still bothering.   Taking it slow. 

I am listening to this . . . .

On my TV 

Watched a Fockers movie last night.  They are so funny.  He's planning on another one tonight. 

I think Lost Kitchen is back on Frid. 

On the menu


Lasagna,  Salad and Bread




Fried Chicken Wings 


Crab Leg Boil


Chicken Alfredo and Broccoli

Looking around the house  

Sleeping dogs and sleeping  husband!

To Do List 

Grocery Store

Need to go to post office

Want to go to book store.  Even though I can't  read right now.  I can collect! 

Need to go to Dollar Tree for candy for neighbor kids and dogs. 

From the camera  

The Cowboy  made the bed. I didn't  even asked! 


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