Sunday, November 27, 2022

Foodie Friday On Sunday


Well it was a strange week where eating and cooking is concerned. 

Most days He didn't  feel like eating.  

I try . . . 

He is frustrated  he really isn't  supposed to eat Bacon. 

We had a great lunch (the pictures  are below) 

And another day I made a tray of Nachos for lunch
Leftover Roast from the freezer.  Odd He seems to want Pot Stickers pretty regularly! 
The Gumbo the neighbor  made for His bday 

And the lunch was flowed by the Pop Corn . . . 
It was a rainy day.  The guy said he would bring our food out . . .

Look at this Burger!
So yummy and those fries!

His Burger.  We had a car picnic
He had tests at the hospital  which happens to only be a couple blocks from or favorite  Mexican place. 

Foolish man.  He never eats his Rice. I kind if think it's  the best part.
Hmm. . .he ate all but the Rice! 

I love the Taco plate.  It's  about $8.00. 

Breakfast Eggs in a Flour Tortilla  from the Mexican  Market 

And Christmas  is here.  I'll  he sharing the rest of the decorations this week. 

Hope you weekend  was pleasant. 

See you Monday! 

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