Monday, November 28, 2022

Busy Monday & Challenges

 Good Morning. How r u! 

Today along with my Busy Monday I am sharing  a couple challenges.   And a Prayer Request. 

Challenge #1

Part 1 . . . Domino has been loosing weight.  And we realized she is allergic  to Green Beans!  

Oh My gosh can you believe it? 

So my challenge is adding a Morning meal.  Which means it is followed  by a walk.   Which is good for me I know but . . . 

Which brings me to: 

Part 2 . . . Making a Skinny plate for Lola. 

She is my Foodie Girl!

So I guess Lola will have a Veg plate while Domino gets Rice, Chicken and an Egg.  And Oatmeal every other day. 

I am reminded about when we first got Domino.  She was super skinny. 

 We thought it was from being in the shelter.   Now I am not so sure! 

So . . . I pray over all thier meals now.  I need help with all this.  It is important  to me for them to be healthy. 

I also pray every morning  for my stamina.  I have been having alot of excruciating  back pain.  So the additional morning walk is going to be hard for me.   

I started on Sunday and I realized that night that I never touched my crochet  all day!  

I am glad I have my crochet to keep me Busy but I do still miss my quiting.   

I have had my new sewing machine almost a year now and I have barely use it.   Not really because I am Busy but because I realized almost all of my supplies didn't  make the move to Galveston.   So my Santa list will include a ruler and cutting mat.  And if he is extra rich this year a good table to work on.  


So that is the beginning  of my Busy Monday. 

Today I will be Busy finishing putting up Christmas  decorations. 

And putting away Thanksgiving and putting my area of our 'Music Room' the name he gave it.  I don't  like it but I couldn't  think of anything  better! 

This week  I will continue  being Busy trying to get the Cowboy to slow down on sweets. He us currently  eating 3 huge Sugar Cookies after eating 1 Egg wrapped in a Tortilla.  He refused 2. 

On this note.  The doctor is eased with his weight gain.  Everyone  refuses to listen to me about why he is gaining weight. 

I guess this is actually  Challenge  #3. 

For fun because I need a bit after all the above!  I will be Busy working on my crochet blanket.  

I have found instructions  to complete the edges so I am happy about that. 

I have been Busy looking for my next project. I have considered several.  Here's the one I am leaning  toward today.  

Colorful.  I can use a lot of the yarn I have.  

I am still looking at patterns.  

The challenge oh there's another one is finding one I like that is free. 

A couple of weeks ago I began joining one of my FB groups.  They are active and I need the stimulation . . .  So I am Busy writing a Scripture, Studying  a Word and drawing or Doodling another word every day. 

I have already  been Busy this morning.  First walk at 7:20.  I felt good so we walked a block instead just around yard.  Got back and posted on FB group.  Swept bathroom and kitchen.  Put away clean dishes and cleaned counters and island.  Now I have Rice cooking and I will make breakfast for dogs.  And then another walk. 

I have to get Busy and get my prescription plan signed up for Medicare.  They whole thing is just a pain. 

And, I will  be Busy just breathing a Sigh of relief that I really don't  have a lot to do!  

And before I go sharing some sweetness . . . 

That's  sweet Busy

I hope you day is great! 

And filled with

Fun Busy 

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