Monday, March 28, 2022

Tea Time Tuesday A Special Sneak Peek Tea Party


Welcome Friends.  Today I have a special treat!  We are becoming party crashers!  

Author Lauren Carr has invited us to be a guest at a  special Tea Party that takes place in her latest book Shadow of Murder . . .

“It’s showtime,” Archie whispered when she saw Marissa pull into the circular drive in her new Mercedes convertible. “Is Gnarly secure? Naomi Howell looked like she was about to have a stroke when she heard a bark while she was going to her table.”

“Gnarly?” Mac replied through the earcom. “I didn’t know we were tasked with dog sitting him in addition to catching a murderer.”

“Mac,” Archie hissed.

“Calm down, Archie,” Dusty said over Mac’s and Tristan’s laughter. “He’s asleep on the sofa.”

As host, Archie welcomed her guests on the walkway leading down to the rose garden at the tip of the point. Forty women had accepted Archie’s invitation to the tea. Small tables of four or six filled the burgundy rose garden on Spencer Point. 

 They had placed a platform and podium at one end, behind which rested the lake.

Spencer Manor had three rose gardens. There was the Hansel and Gretel Rose Garden, where the guest house rested. 

 Consisting of a variety of miniature roses, with each bush hosting a different color, this garden was perfect to accompany the variety of guests who may stay in the small cottage. 

Across the point, rested a courtyard with a bench on which Robin Spencer, and now Archie, would sit in solitude among her heirloom roses.  

Like the different moods of whoever meditated along the shore, the heirloom rose garden comprised a hodgepodge of roses of various colors and sizes. 

The tip of the point was home to Robin Spencer’s elegant burgundy rose garden. The burgundy rose meant unconscious beauty, which was perfect for those who had known the famous author in life. Among the roses, with the various layers of depth, Robin’s burgundy roses signified a depth of passion beyond the traditional red rose. 

To complement the hue of the roses, Archie wore a soft burgundy sleeveless empire waist tea-length dress with a lace bodice. Multiple silky layers made up the skirt. She wore strappy sandals to allow her feet to breathe. 

She pasted a smile on her face when she saw Marissa slip out of the driver’s seat of her Mercedes and turn to regard her. Even from several yards away, she could feel the evil permeate from Marissa Bloomberg or Ivy or Krystle or whoever she was. 

Evil has so many identities.

Thank you Author Lauren Carr for inviting us for Tea and giving us a sneak peek into your New Release! 


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Lauren Carr said...

Thank you so much, Sherry! I am so excited to share this fantastic scene from SHADOW OF MURDER!

DreaDrake1 said...

Sounds like something I’d love to read!