Thursday, March 31, 2022

Foodie Friday

 Hello and Welcome  to My almost regular  Friday post where I share the meals that go onto the Rustic  Dinner Plate

On occasion we do a little what we call Happy Hour Hopping. 

For us it is a budget friendly  way to try new restaurants  . . . 

Never  a disappointment Katie's Seafood was the perfect place to try my very first Lemon Drop Martini.  A week later I am just drooling for another one.  It was lite and fresh and just darn good. 

We decides  to try another restaurant  that has been on the list for awhile.  

So we chose to have the one drink and move on . . . 

Not really  sure what the Cowboy was thinking.  He liked  this almost Milk Shake.  It was O.K. 

As for the 
It was a Shrimp Cocktail that was blah.  It did have decent Shrimp.  But very  little Avacado. 

This was at a $$$$ restaurant.   We sat at the  bar where were able to watch the cooks take frozen thin Steaks out and cook them on the grill. 

Needless to say.  This was our last time at this place. 

Our hoppin followed with super simple meal and a favorite. 
Kielbasa, Fried Potatoes  and Cabbage. 
The Kielbasa was the last from a store brand package  that was waaay too salty.  I cooked it in water that helped draw out the salt.  I added the water to Cabbage and did not add Salt. 
I stopped into the neighborhood  market  by the doctors office for Avacados.  They only had tiny ones. 
But I bought a package of Pork Chops.  They were  good.  But the Cowboy said there wasn't  enough Gravy. 

I am not a good Pan Cake maker but they tasted good.  Both plates were cleaned! 
Gosh I had to enlarge  this pic to see what actually  was!  
Fritters Pie!  Well it was a quick easy meal!
In of my favorite meals all week! 
I have been wanting to make sure his Italian Beef Ragu with Papperadell Pasta.  I loved it.  Cowboy not so much!  The Brown Gravy had was very Tomatoes.  The Cowboy is not a fan Tomatoes. 

The next one of the Cowboys favorites Fried Cod. 
I also made Stuffed Jalapenos 
Oh what a great meal.    The Chicken was perfect. 
I haven't made stuffing this good in a long time.  I am glad there was leftovers. 
And a Nestle Toll Hous pie for the Cowboy. 
Scrambled Eggs a Bacon for breakfast 
Ending the week with Chicken Fried Steak with plenty of Cream Gravy. 
The Cowboy almost licked his plate.

It was a great be week of cooking. 
Kind of ready for bed a dinner out!  

Thanks for stopping in.  Have a great weekend.  

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