Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Craft Space Unboxed

 Hello.  Today I am sharing  a bit of a project I did last year with a group. 

A friend from another group asked us to share Junk Journals  made from Junk. 

I have been looking for this project amidst my packed boxes

I am glad I found it. 

A true Junk Journal is made literally from trash.  

Here are a few pages made with bits and pieces . . .  

Beginning with a book that I altered . . .  

An old homeschooling work book . . . 

I started by tearing  out pages. 

Tear 4.   Skip 2.  Tear 4.  Continue. 

As you glue and embellishment  to the pages it gets fatter.  Or chunky. 

Junk Jounal artists like chunky. 

This fussy shot shows how thick it was before  adding 

I cut a large Spoon and Fork from a Trader Joe's grocery bag.   

A piece of trash

I used the sign card from the inside of a magazine. 

A piece of trash.

The purple swirly piece of paper is the packaging  from a roll of toilet paper.  

A piece  of trash. 

The Fork cut from the bag is placed across the double page spread.  

On the lower left is the wrapping from a bar of soap from France. 

A piece of trash. 
The tag on the right is left over from a Cowgirl clothing line I manufactured  for a short time. 
I coffee dyed the tag. 

A piece of trash. 

Lots of trash here. 
On the left a bit of an old 1992 calendar.  
Hot chocolate  cup from the mailer advertisement  from our Ace Hardware. 

At the very top the date from an old calendar. 

The Tea Pot from the Trader Joe's bag. 

Butterflies  punched from scraps of paper. 

More trash. 

A reused bag. It's  too big but I didn't  want to cut it.   It is taped on with washi covering . . . 

Another piece from Trader Joe's.  
The caption says  . . .

Below is my favorite  Junk Jounal I received  in a SWAP

I am glad to be digging out my spies.  

I will be creating  soon! 

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