Thursday, March 17, 2022

I Thought About MaMa The Other Day Bacon Fat Yah or Nah


It's  amazing some of the daily activities  I do that remind me of my mother . . . 

The other day as I got out a bowl to pour Bacon Grease in I thought to myself . . .

Dawng I need a 
Bean Dip can

 Yep that's  what Mama used to save Bacon Grease.  

Around here we Love our Bacon!

Do you save your
 Bacon Grease?

I guess now a days we really don't  have to 'Save' Bacon Grease. 

But Back In The Day most 

Ma Ma's and and Grand  Mama's had one of these . . .
Or a good Ole Bean Dip can.  
Mama used the Bean Dip can because it had a nice plastic lid and she could store her precious Bacon Fat in the refrigerator. 

Homemakers now have more choices  . . . 

So which camp are you in?

I'm Bean Dip Can girl

The above pictured container is super cute and available at Walmart.  Look at the reviews. 


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My Hubbard Home said...

I use to store bacon fat but haven't used bacon as much in the last few years. I think more people will want to know about tips like this in the future!
Thanks for sharing at the FWF party!