Monday, March 7, 2022

Tea Time Special Guest Author Claire McEwen


Welcome.  Today I have a special treat.  A fun post all about Tea by author Claire McEwen . . . 

How exciting to be a guest on Sherry’s wonderful blog today!

My name is Claire McEwen and I've had the pleasure of getting to know Sherry through social media. When she invited me to write a blog post about tea and books, I was thrilled. They truly are two of my favorite things.

My mother drank tea in the afternoons and at some point, I started asking for some, too. A cup of tea and a snack became our special afternoon tradition. As the youngest of her four daughters, it was nice to have something that was just between Mom and me. (Fortunately, my sisters didn’t like tea back then!)

Now my son is about the age I was then, and he likes mint tea, so we often have tea and a snack together when he gets home from school. The tea tradition continues! 

I’m a writer, which can get lonely sometimes. But tea keeps me company through every draft, revision, and all those rounds of edits.   

As you can tell from the photo below, I have tea for every occasion. Teas that wake me up and calm me down. Fruit teas and spicy teas and green teas. I really enjoy having so many choices! 

Tea finds its way into other parts of my life as well. I use a paper planner to keep track of things, and I enjoy decorating the pages with cute stickers. Many of those stickers are of tea and teacups. And books, of course!  

I also love these stickers of dogs and rabbits sitting in teacups. They are so charming, I had to buy them. (They're from a great company called Violette stickers, if there are any other sticker lovers out there.). 

I also use a special teacup that belonged to my grandmother to help with my planning. The cup sits on a shelf above my desk, next to a jar containing blank slips of paper. If my husband or son needs me to remember something for later, they leave a note about it in the teacup. When I have time, I take out the notes and add the information to my calendar. It really helps me keep track of all the little details of their lives. 

  And lastly, I absolutely love sitting down with a cup of tea and a good book. I can’t think of anything more relaxing than that.  

Thank you so much, Sherry, for inviting me to your blog. And thank you to everyone who reads this post. I hope you’re reading with a lovely cup of tea, or another favorite beverage, to keep you company.

Wishing you good books and cozy drinks,

~ Claire McEwen


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