Friday, March 4, 2022

Foodie Friday

 Hello. Welcome  to Foodie Friday.  

The day I share what ended up on the Rustic  Dinner Plate. 

I tried to stay with my menu plan.  And I did pretty  well.  I did flip a few days though.  

Here's  what got onto the plate.

The Cowboy  loves his Kielbasa. 
I live Fried Potatoes.  But these ended up simmer with the Cabbage. 
The other night during the move the Cowboy  got Pizza.  
He brought me Chocolate  Cake.  I liked the Whipped Cream best!

I anned a Clean Out Fridge night for late in the week . . . 
I ended up doing it Tuesday 
A Steak Taco from left over Rib Eyes . . . 
And what we call Saddle Blankets from left over Chili. 
Years and years ago . . .like 40 cuz our son is 41 there was this restaurant  we loved that made Tacos with a Chili type mixture and served in Flour Tortillas. 

The best Oriental Pepper Steak  I have had/made in years.  I used Chuck Roast and cooked in the Crock Pot.  My flavors weren't  really there because I made it from memory.   But Chuck Roast instead of Round Steak was a winner!
Just Salad swimming in Dressing like the Cowboy  likes. 
My Salad doesn't  swim. 
Unlike the Cowboy my Baked Potato is loaded!

A yummy Pork Chop with leftover Cabbage . . . 
A little over done but it was good! 
Our regular Wednesday treat.  
I need d it after finishing moving and cooking every night. 
And my 2nd Clean Out The Frig/Freezer.  Gumbo from leftover Shrimp Crab Leg boil and Kielbasa.

The Cowboy likes Gumbo as a side. 
Simple Shrimp in a Butter sauce and Noodles. 

I got some baking done. 
3 ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies. 
The recipe makes a dozen.  They are already gone!
I will have to make a double batch next time!

Another treat for me.  Chocolate Ice Cream was half price!  It was so good! 

So that's my week.  
What was on your dinner plate? 

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Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Yum... you're making me hungry :) We flip things around on the menu plan too - somehow I always feel the need to change something, lol! xx