Saturday, March 19, 2022

Saturday Sewing & Crafting

How's your Saturday going?

I'm still spending my time unboxing and organizing but I did finish part 2 of The Crochet Along I am doing this year.  

It began in February . . . 
This year's is much smaller than last year's and perfect to use up leftover yarn. 


I am not finished with last year's because I had run out of yarn and then Life got crazy.  

I have used it as a throw.  I need to weave in the ends! 

It is on the chair by the bed.  The temporary chair!  We are looking for a soft cozy chair not big.  I like a quiet place to read away from the t.v.  

We will be going to Hobby Lobby soon to buy yarn.  

I decided on a new Sewing/Quilting
project  . . . 
I am in Love with my cheap Brother Sewing Machine! 

During my sorting I found some fabric to use up for small simple projects 

I will be making simple blankets and quilts to donate to a Dog Shelter in Katy, Texas. 

Lola is helping . . .
I set up the sewing machine temporarily by our bed.  


I really want to sew on this one project but I am trying to get things organized and get a couple more boxes sorted.  

Hopefully this week I will move the sewing machine to our 2nd bedroom where I will craft and the Cowboy will listen to music. 

He decorated his side of the room. 
He had a little  help.  Under duress he agreed to put a few candles in the room. . .
He does a good job of deciding  placement  of prints . . . 
He loves his chair and is super  picky about what pillow or throw is allowed. 
He loves  to listen to music.  I am glad we have this shared space. 

I can't  wait to get my side finished!

Enjoy your weekend 

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