Friday, December 2, 2022

Foodie Friday & Christmas Flashback

 Good Morning. Can you believe it is already Friday!  I sure hope I have some pictures to share today!   Looking back I can't remember what we actually at this week! 

Here goes . . . 

He seems to be in a better mood all the way around if . . . 
1 he eats a real breakfast 
2 it includes Bacon 
Although he really enjoyed Sausage Gravy! 
I have been waiting for this Ham for days.  It was a great meal but the Ham was just o.k.  I should have put just a tad of glaze on it.  Or maybe some Pineapple when I baked it. 

I can't  believe how good this meal was.  A Bison Steak I cubed browned and then simmered slow in Beef Broth.  Yummy Potatoes I Mashed the old fashioned way.  And just Plain 'ole Green Beans cooked with Bacon.  And Beef Broth. 

Got these on sale.  So yummy!

Dawng he loves his Eggs in a Tortilla 
Oh how disappointed he was.  He didn't  realize these Muffins were Wholewheat.  Guess I will eat the other two. 

I love all my Santa’s.   It is hard getting a good picture  showing them. 

And in  the forefront those yummy Muffins! 

So thankful for Wednesday  night  Pizza Special!
Yum.  And no clean up!

Surf and Turf . . .Probably  tasted better than it looked!  Do you see the ashtimp?  It was so good. 

And over on the holiday blog it's Christmas Flashback.  Here are a couple favorites . .

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Merry Christmas 

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