Saturday, July 31, 2021

Happy Homemaker in Texas

 Hello and Welcome

The summer is flying by.   Soon we will be enjoying Fall.  Followed by the bestest time of the year! 

I enjoyed sharing a few Christmas in July posts.  I have so many post ideas I want to share with you. 

Hmm. Maybe August will be "The Month'. 

Well it's is Saturday after all and time for . . . 

The weather . . . 

Here in Galveston it is  80 or just a few degrees hotter in the morning. 

The mornings are gorgeous and pleasant as long as you get out there noon. Then it starts getting hot. 

But the evenings are cool enough to sit on the porch.  

What I am wearing . . .  

I think I will change to What I Want To Wear... I'd like to get some skirts and sundresses.   

Around the house it's boring shorts with pockets and tanks.  For keeping house and puttering around my flower pots and walking dogs (pockets for know what I mean) 

On the breakfast plate . . .

I have been craving DoNuts but that would require going out. 

So I guess I will cook some Bacon in the oven and Fry some Eggs.  Maybe some Hash Browns. 

On the To Do List . . . 

Go to post office.  Mail August bday cards and letters 

Go to Home Depot to look for plants 

Normal cleaning. Vacuum daily.  I have taught Domino to let me vacuum her!  Yea.  

Take dogs to dog park

Go to a garden park

Go to library

My Ta Da moment . . . I got the last of the pictures unboxed and some hung ( we will have to rotate)

I got Christmas Dishes put in kitchen in back of lower cabinets. 

Doesn't sound like much but this was a major accomplishment! 

On the reading pile . . . 

On the blogs  this month . . . 

I am excited to announce the 2nd Annual Dog Days of Summer 

Five different authors.  Lots of puppy love!  

You won't want to miss it! 

On the menu . . . 


I always try to do simple.  Throw back to those days with kids and church activities!

Simply Frito Pie 


Bratwurst/Kielbasa, Cabbage and Potatoes


Shrimp Tacos and Guacamole


Oven Baked Flounder, Green Beans, Baked Potatoes


Split Pea Soup, BLT's 


Surprise me I am out of idea 

I might have Cubed Steak in freezer for Chick Fry. Yum.

I am totally open to anything the Cowboy suggests.  Especially if I don't have to cook.  And clean up. 

For lunches this week 

I want to make a Tuna casserole

The Cowboy will have sandwiches. We went to store that has his Lebanon Bologna

I want to make some soup.  Beef Vegetable or maybe Chicken and Rice.

Chef Salad.  Need to boil some Eggs. Maybe Devil some for dinner one night.  Hmm which night?

Maybe they will be a snack.  I love Deviled Eggs.  Do you?

From the camera 


Concert at the park . . . 
Started with pledge of allegiance! 


Thanks for coming by.  
Don't forget to go by Sandra's for the party. 

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