Friday, July 16, 2021

Foodie Friday The Rustic Dinner Plate


How was your week?  Did you fill your plates with lots of cool summer dishes?  

I filled our plates with as many One Pot Meals as I could!  

On Sunday we took a late afternoon drive.  We ended up at our favorite Mexican Restaurant . . .

They call this the Summer Plate.
Your choice 1 Taco.  Crispy Beef! 

Guacamole. Queso.  And . . .

A Chalupa.  We split the plate.  I had the Taco. The Cowboy the Chalupa. 

I wanted to clean out the freezer.  We had a partial bag of Steak Fries and some leftover Chili.  
I wasn't sure if I would like it but I did! 
All I cooked was the Carrots.  The Pot Roast and Potatoes came out of the freezer.  We had a perfectly ripe Avacado on the side.
They were 2 for a $1.00!  I should have bought more! 

That Roast was huge!  I put the leftovers in a pot and poured in a can of Soup.  
It made a yummy lunch and helped that Soup! 

I used Daddy's Chili bowl! 

And the other Avacado became a Guacamole Chalupa with Chicken on top. 

One of my favorite meals.  Much better out at the Restaurant but still good! 

Opps I messed up my shots.  This was day one of the soup.  It was actually better day 2.  Maybe it was just the bowl? 
Ya think? 

Do y'all remember I got a crock pot?  Finally.  Yummy Pinto Beans!

Yummy Cornbread!

And last night (Thursday) Chicken and Rice.  And I baked Brownies for dessert. 

The Brownies were so good!  Even without a glass of Milk!   

Mostly easy.  One pot meals!  Tonight Spaghetti! 

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