Saturday, July 17, 2021

Happy Homemaker in Texas Island Life


Today's the day 

I join 


The prompts provided by Sandra.

Sometimes I add my own 😁 

The weather  

Hot.  It seems hotter than Keller where we are from. But it's not.  

It's 88 in Keller. 

It's 86 here.  

And this morning I needed a blanket . . .

Not really because it's cool

 outside . . . 

Last night we I was about to start a late supper we heard a loud bang!  And then no lights. 
The electric company was here in minutes.  I think my neighbor the Tamale guy has a connection with the electric company. 
It took hours but they were right on it.  
It did get super hot before they finished.  Hence now it is cold from ac turned down so much. 
But the good news is I got use my Cozy Crochet.  I want to make another one! 

On the breakfast plate  

Not really on the plate today.  I sure could eat a big 'ole plate of Eggs, Bacon and Hash Browns.  Oh I love a good 'ole iron skillet filled with yummy Potatoes and Onions simmering in Bacon Grease till perfectly brown! 

Now that's breakfast! 

I am not wearing 

Make up!  

The Blessing of Beach life!

The To Do List 

This week we get paid.

We will do monthly shopping at Walmart and Dollar Tree. We are going to try curbside pick up at Walmart.  We will make two trips because our order is so big . . .

40 cans Green Beans 

10 cans Carrots 

10 cans of Green Peas

30 pounds of Rice 

6 whole Chickens (3 at a time we won't order.  It is too hot) 

All for the dogs! Well I am planning maybe 5 cans Green Beans for us! 

I hope to buy a few plants at Home Depot 

I want to buy a Bicycle.  Maybe we can find an affordable one. 

Vacuum and Sweep ever day 

On Wednesday when the trash bins are moved. I will mow that area.  I am doing the mowing now.  It isn't much.  Gives me something to do and helps the neighbor. 

Guess what? Something cool happened . . . 

So do you remember I love this t.v. show? 

I met Michael.  One of their properties is on our street a few blocks away.  Last Saturday we were driving by and they were there just getting ready to dig in the garage for treasures! 
He came over and chatted a bit.  And dawng I didn't think to get a picture.  
I will next time. 
He told me they are filming and so new episodes in September!  

The menu 

I am not planning a menu.  The days before payday are always slim. 

I have ground beef and plenty of Spaghetti and Sauce.  I will cook one batch for Spaghetti and one for Tacos for later in the week when we get Lettuce. 

 Two packages of Chicken and Flour Tortillas so I will make Chicken be and Dumplings. 

That will take care of us till payday. 

I might have to resort to opening the Chick Peas I was saving for a recipe though! 

In the craft space 

I have a couple SWAPs this month. 

One a J.J. Page the theme is Red.

And another one just filling an envelope be with supplies. 

I am reading 

This one for Christmas in July.  I started something new for the book blog a few weeks ago.  I am calling it Flashback Friday . . . Lola's suggestion.  Each Friday I begin a book that is on my book shelf.  And take it a picture with Lola.  I have  already read the books on my shelf.

I want to do this week 

Visit some garden parks 

Ride the Trolley Bus and see some sites we haven't seen yet 

Go to an  Antique shop

From the camera 

The Cowboy loves the Ferry.  It is free!  

We see dolphins and ships!


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Have a great week! 


Molly the Airedale said...

Your breakfast sure does look yummy. I rarely eat bacon but it's not because I don't like it!

Steven Salvatore said...

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