Sunday, July 18, 2021

Sunday Crafting

 Welcome.  Today I am in my crafting space creating.

I am going to try and make this a weekly feature. 

For along time I have just kept Sunday as a day to share a verse and that is all.  Trying to keep this day Reverent.  And giving me a day of rest. 

But I have realized doing what I enjoy is a day of rest for me. 

I hope you enjoy 

Sharing today the planner method I started this month.

I am using a free local magazine that I am altering . . .

I loved this cover with horses.  There are alot of galleries and art events on the island.  This issue featured art. 

I began by tearing out pages so that when I added paper the spine would not be stressed. 
For each week I left a 2 page spread for Bible Journaling.  
I add verses that speak to me from my studies and Journaling . . .

I used wax paper and cut a heart to cover the word.  

Each week I write in my menu plans and things to do . . .

I left some of the print if it had interesting or pretty in pictures. 

I loved this article  about backyard Chickens.  I have always wanted Chickens.  Maybe some day. 

I also use the calendar spread to record memories and things we do each day. 

Another spread for verses . . .

I do a little simple decorating to leave room for verses

My spread for this week.  I used washi and taped a post card memory.  I received the post card from Europe.  It is handmade.  It is hard to see but there is a red boat.  We see red boats out in the ocean so it was perfect to include. 

Today I gathered the supplies for my next SWAP . . . 

I am loving this collection and can't wait to begin creating . . . 

I have collected paper, lace and trim, children's book pictures, photos from a decorating book, tickets and even playing cards! 

A book page that I stamped with red hearts.  And a napkin with birds and Cherries.

Trims, fabric a big red flower and one of the decorating book pages.  
The photo with the Red Adirondack Chair was my starting off point for the theme I want to create. 

The book page is fun.   I have been hoarding it.  I think it is time to use it and let someone else enjoy. 

I am still thinking about how I will create the page.   I will get started soon maybe even later today. 
I want to finish and get it mailed on Thursday or Friday. 

Last month the page SWAP theme was Monochromatic. This is what I received . . .
There are lots of places to tuck tags.
I like fibers used as the string on tag. This blue fiber is pretty. 

Lots of different pieces of paper are also tucked in.  I will be able to use all these pieces of paper either in my own Journals and Planners.  Or in things I create and SWAP or give as gifts. 

A decorated tag it was tucked into an envelope that is glued to the page.  It is used as a Flip out.

More tags and a clean white space to for Journaling

A close up of tags.  Butterflies  and Birds are favorites be to use in a Junk Journal. 

And on the back a small sack is glued.  The bottom is folded up and glued to make a pocket. 

One of my favorite things us making things for SWAPs and receiving beautifully created art. 

I hope you've enjoyed this first visit to my crafting table. 

Have a great week!  And come by and visit!  Leave me a comment! 

Have a Sparkly be week! 

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