Thursday, December 24, 2020

Christmas Memories & New Adventures- On The Road feat. A Cajun Christmas Killing by Ellen Byrin

 Happy Christmas Eve 

We just shared a lovely brunch.  Brunch  instead of Breakfast today because we were tired from yesterdays activities.

It was a special time! Babies are precious anytime but this time of year makes even it more special.  We're making new memories . . . 


Enjoying old ones 

Like this one . . .

I feel old saying this back in '99.  LOL.  I was sitting down for lunch with the Cowboy.  We lived in a tiny town in Missouri and he could come home if he chose.  While we were eating this  particulate day he asked me . . . 

 Are you packed yet?

I looked up and said 'Honey it's only Wednesday we leave on Friday.  I have plenty of time.'

His response . . . 

Nope you don't! 

You have about an hour I  read the schedule wrong. 

He said sheepishly.  And for some reason I could tell he wasn't pulling my leg for once.

I freaked out!  He assured me it was o.k. And it was.  But in that moment I just knew we would miss the most romantic trip we ever planned.

We were taking the train from St. Louis to New Orleans

We had planned the trip for months.  We looked at all the Inns and Hotels near the Quarter.  

We were only there for 3 days and we had one place we wanted to go. We wanted to eat at Emeril's. 

We wouldn't have a car so we planned to wander and see French Quarter on foot.  I was excited to see the beautiful buildings I had only seen in the movies.

One of the funniest things about the whole trip was since we messed up the date we got to spend the first night in the fancy Hotel we considered but chose a cheaper one to save money.  

Our trip to New Orleans was the best trip we've ever taken.  I loved it but I have always wanted to go back.  There were so many things we missed. 

And we planned to go back this year. But even before COVID struck the wind was knocked out of our sails when the Cowboy became ill '19 (feelin'old again) 

Maybe someday we will get to go back.

But instead of waiting and dreaming of travel some day I/we are going on a Road Trip.  

And I'm taking you along. 

When I was on the train I took a couple of library books.  

On my Road Trip I am taking a book and sharing with you what I am reading. 

 Each destination will feature a different book.  

One of the things I missed by staying in the Quarter was seeing a Plantation and so for this Christmas I've made plans to stay at a lovely B&B not far from New Orleans.

  In a fictional town called Pelican.

I'm glad I have the Cowboy along because although it's not really a creepy place there is always a murder to solve.  

   So after our brunch we'll throw a  things in a bag just like before and high tail to Nawlins for A Cozy Cajun Christmas! 

I'll put a few books in my bag to read along the way.

 I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.  I'll be back in a few days to share my regular posts and my New Years adventure. 

Merry Christmas



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