Thursday, December 17, 2020

Junk Journal Style December Daily

Hello. Welcome to the 'Studio' that's what I call my crafting space.

I have been in the Christmas spirit in my crafting and so to day I wanted to share a project called December Daily

I wanted mine to be in the Flowish Junk Journal Style.
I will share more about the 'Flowish Style but first . . . 
I wanted to share a few papers I have chosen.
One of the papers I chose was one I copied from a page of J.J. I did last year.  I loved how the  copied image turned out so I wanted to save it and document my first J.J.

I planned to use some papers left from previous projects.

For the front and back page I chose a calendar from 1996.  Bringing to the project some memories. 

The December Daily is a fun project.
This is new to me I learned about it on YouTube.  There are lots if people making these.  It is super easy to find.  Oh they are on Pinterest too.

Mine will be very different from 'real' December Daily Journals. And actually I am not even sure if they are really Journals or not.

Here's a couple from Pinterest  . . . 
A December Daily is a place to document your Christmas holiday with photos and jornaling.

The concept is to create a memory for your self and your family.
These are made to place in a binder or memory book you can purchase at places like Hobby Lobby or on line.

There are complete sets of printables you can buy to share your story and document each day of the month . . . 

I love the layout ideas I get from videos and from Pinterest.  

I wanted to do mine a bit different.  

Instead of only documenting the activity during the month I also plan to do my scripture journaling in my daily.

So I am including lots of blank paper  in lots of styles and sizes for writing.

It has been a super busy month and I haven't even begun my journaling but I have a good start in my journal.

I started by collecting some old and new papers, some photos from magazines and anything that I could find that goes with the Christmas theme.

Old paper from our Christmas letter from 1997 . . .
I think what prompted my project were these cool # pages.  I loved the different size #'s.   They are actually month page dividers I bought super cheap.
Some I cut out others I left.  I glued ribbon over the February word.
My project is truly Junk Journal style
 I used part of a mailer because I liked the ornaments over there on the left. I also liked the size it adds interest.
I love how this page turned.  The photo was from a magazine.  On the left is a piece of velum type paper I stitched a zig zag to add another layer of texture.
All the numbers were different which is what I liked.  The word May I covered with a piece of paper I used on the left page.  I cut the words  Jingle Jangle from a Trader Joe's Newspaper.
I covered the word  October with ribbon that says Seasons Greetings.
This one is fun.  The paper looks like Peppermint Candy.  It is from somewhere in Europe.  I used to do Paperswap.  I miss getting packages from different places.

I still have a lot to do to finish.  It is a fun project I hope to do one each month.  

Thanks for stopping in and I hope you enjoyed peeking into my Studio.

Have a great day!

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