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Character Interview

 My Journey Back Interview with Tom Farrell
Character interview Tom Farrell
  Hello, Tom. I am so happy you had time to chat. I know you're super busy  as a famous movie star. 
Tom responds: (laughing) I am not a famous movie star! Having an important role in I Love You, I Do is a big step up in my acting career.

 I am sure you've done tons of interviews. Have you ever been  interviewed for a blog?

Tom: Never as an actor, though years ago when I was working in finance, I was interviewed several times by bloggers.

Thanks for suggesting we meet at the library. I am sure it will  be a quiet place for us to chat.

Tom: My wife's daughter, Carrie Singleton, is the library's head of programs and events. She suggested we meet in the library. Still, I wonder: if the library's such a quiet place, how does Carrie get involved in so many murder mysteries?

I know you're familiar with Clover Ridge since you have family here.  I guess it was a happy surprise that Brianna surprised you and came to visit the shoot.

Tom: If only Brianna hadn't come! Ilana Reingold plays my girlfriend in the movie. Years ago we were engaged until she broke it off. Ilana isto put it mildlydrop-dead gorgeous and was coming on to me in real life. Well, she had her reasons but of course Brianna had no idea why Ilana was behaving this way. And well, things got out of hand and Brianna left the shoot in tears.

 I am sure you've been to some amazing places what with being  in the movies all. What was your favorite place to film?

Tom: I've filmed a few commercials in New York, where I used to live.

 Oh I didn't realize that there was resident cat. He seems quite friendly I guess. Do you like cats?

Tom: Smoky Joe is the library cat though he lives with Carrie. He is very friendly and enjoys the patrons' attentions. I've nothing against cats, but if Brianna and I were to get a pet I think I'd want a dog.

 You know I've heard some rumors around town. Since you're family I bet you know the secrets. I've heard there is a ghost  here at the library. Have you seen it?

Tom: Actually, Carrie's father's family used to own the Singleton Farm in Clover Ridge so I don't know the town very well. But I've heard about the library ghost, Evelyn Havers, though only Carrie can see her and talk to her, aside from Carrie's four-year-old cousin. Evelyn used to work in the library as an aide. She helps Carrie solve murder mysteries.

 I just keep getting distracted what with family, cats and ghosts. I am supposed to be asking about the movie. So tell us  about your co-star Ilana you seem to have that 'chemistry' Have  you worked together before?

Tom: Ah, Ilana! No, we've never worked together before, and I suspect I got this part because of her. Ilana Reingold is a wonderful actress! Of course we have chemistry. We were engaged some years ago and I was broken-hearted when she suddenly decided she needed her freedom. Ilana is a free spirit and it's hard to resist her charms. She loves to take risks, risks that often get her into trouble.

  Clover Ridge seems like such a quiet and cozy town. Perfect for a vacation. How long do you usually get to stay on location when  you doing a movie?

Tom: This movie should take about six weeks to shoo tif there are no distractions like a murder or two.

Oh gosh look at the time. You have to run don't you?

Tom: I do time for my next scene. Thank you for interviewing me.

 Thanks for chatting.

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