Saturday, August 11, 2018

Happy Homemaker In Texas

Good Morning Afternoon LOL.  I am just happy to be able to take some time and post.  I hope you enjoy catching up!

Sandra provides the prompts.  I add a few of my own.

The weather
Today (I write my post on Saturday) it is rainy.  We have had Texas gully washers this morning.  We need the rain so I am 
Thankful except I got caught going to my car and spent a 30 minute drive home soaked to the bone!

On my reading pile
This time a few print copies.  I like them best!  
A couple for review and my Bible barely fitting into the space 
by the computer!

On my t.v.
At home with the Cowboy MLB.  At the rehab with my mother
HGTV all day!

If I get the remote
Chopped, Murder She Wrote or a Lifetime movie or just some Jazz if I am home alone.

I am thinking
I hope to write a few posts this week.  And visit some friends.

On the menu
Doubt I'll have a menu.  My days are spent working and 
going to feed mother lunch and dinner.  Our dinners are 
spur of the moment what ever we can stir up simple and fast.
We did get some nice Sirloin I will try to do Mongolian Beef maybe tomorrow.
And the Cowboy bought taco shells that I like from the Mexican market! Taco's for Tuesday?  A simple and yummy meal!

On my To Do List
Taking care of Mother's affairs
Call and find a donation place that will pick up furniture
Find a source for fabric (enough for a shop!)

On my Ta Da List
I did not kill my brother.  I didn't even yell at him!
I made it through the week
Siblings can be a pain when your parents are ill!

In the craft basket
The "What?" I forget what 'The Craft Basket' is!

In homeschooling
The grands are all home schooled.  My grandson you see him on the blog alot will go to a 2 day school this year he is in 4th grade.
My grand daughter is in 3rd and lives in Missouri.  She has a 
1 day a week school program.  I am blessed that both my 
daughters have the desire to homeschool and also take advantage of supplemental programs. 

Looking around the house
Chaos.  I have been making room for mother to move in. 
I have her bills and papers scattered trying to sort.  It's a mess.
But we are on hold because she isn't doing well in rehab and may go to long term care.  

From my D.I.L.'s camera
A precious photo for me.  My son was riding and the baby was 
chasing them, then nursed when they stopped.  My D.I.L. entered this one and some others in the Fair and placed Best of Show.

Image may contain: text
My blogger friend Madeline always shares the best photos,
scripture photos.  I borrowed this one today!

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