Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Someday Soon I Want To

I am dreaming about Someday soon getting things back to normal.
I want to make this quilt. . . 
Gratis Rag Quilt Patterns
Not sure I will actually do it.  But I like it. 
This is how it looks finished. 
cathedral rag quilt | Quilting | Pinterest
Wishful thinking
These are so cute and look so fun to make.  I love to decorate 
for Valentines Day.  They are springy too.  I love using little bits of lace and pretty fabrics. 
fabric rug by ricrac
I would love to make this rug.  It is so cool.  Over here is a photo 
tutorial.  This looks so easy!
Someday soon I want to get my crafting area put together again after I get all Mothers furniture moved in. 
I hope I'll have a paper crafting painting area in our bedding room.
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Someday Soon
Do you have a Someday Soon wish?

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