Friday, August 24, 2018

Flower Friday-A Nice Surprise

Good Morning and Welcome to Friday!!
I hope your week has been as great as mine!
I am happy to say I have posted everyday!
The first time in months!
Today I am joining Flower Friday and sharing a couple of sweet surprises that I found in my house and green house over the last couple of days!
First in my kitchen window.  I have been watching this Orchid for months.  I knew it was going to bloom and I was so happy.  And then it did this!
I know it's dark but the next one is better.  Not only did I get 
1 bloom there are 5 total!
Gorgeous!  I am so happy! And the really cool thing is I have had this Orchid for 3 years.  I paid alot for it!  One whole dollar!
In the greenhouse I had an even bigger surprise because I didn't even know this plant was going to bloom.  I didn't notice a pod or anything!  
I came home after a looooong and hard day and found this!
I was super excited to see this bloom.  This plant was from a cutting off a bigger plant that my sister gave to my mother a few years ago.
I took the cutting in the fall.  I had already tried once to root it with no success.  The sad thing is the original plant didn't get taken inside and froze.  So now this is all we have!
I had stuck it into a pot with another cutting that I have no idea what it was.  Then I stuck the entire pot in an open area in a larger pot that had an ivy but a huge bare spot.  If you look really close at the fore ground you'll see some different leaves.  Those are a poinsettia that I got on sale for $2.00 last Christmas! 
I am so happy that my frugal gardening experience at least for now is successful.  Maybe I finally have a green thumb!
I am so super excited that I'll link at a bunch of favorite places!

Have a Fabulous Day!

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