Friday, April 7, 2017

Repost-Show and Tell Friday

A few years ago I joined a Friday party.  I thought it would be fun today to repost a favorite...
Show and Tell Friday

Welcome to Show and Tell hosted by Kelli at my new home. 

For the last couple of weeks I have been showing my collections of vintage linens. 
Today I am sharing a couple of pieces that I am repurposing for a new use. 
These are part of a collection of linens that I have bought over the years and repurposed into sewing and craft projects. 
Here's one still awaiting a new use. 

These I have saved sadly because they didn't fit into the other projects because they were a little worse for wear. You can't see from the scanned image but there are some soiled areas that I couldn't get out. So sadly they weren't pretty enough to be used. But yet they were too pretty to just through away. 
Here's another one.

I could not imagine just discarding someones hard work. And so the other day when I unpacked them a new idea came to me. 
This part I hope you'll like. It is where making my Home a Sanctuary comes in. 
You see my darling Cowboy has this problem when he is in the kitchen. 
For some reason he becomes blind when it comes to the roll of paper towel. He just does not use it for anything. Except maybe draining bacon on. Anyway he will spill something or splatter. He loves meat blackened. Do you know how much of a mess this makes? If he drops a little butter on the counter. What do you think he grabs to wipe it up? 
You guessed it my pretty washed cotton dish towels. 
So I figured these little linens have survived many years and they might just possibly survive Cowboy. So they are going in my kitchen today. I am going to put them in a pretty basket and on the counter well within reach of the messy cook. 
Hopefully this new idea will keep me from yelling at him. Which I have decided does no good but maybe it will keep me from biting my tongue so much!

Do you have any ideas to repurpose vintage linens?  
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