Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Birthday Guest That . . .

. . . cooked 
I really didn't intend for her to cook.   We planned her favorite meal Fettuccine Alfredo for her birthday dinner.

I planned a simple table around the bowls I intended to serve the salad and pasta in.  The table was set. . .

I selected vintage Corelle.  I bought at a yard sale just because I 
love vintage.  The table was simple with inexpensive flatware,
the Corella and stemmed glasses from Dollar Tree.  I think stemmed glassware always makes a table look elegant even if it is Ala Cheap!
 :   Our favorite Alfredo recipe is from this cookbook.  This is her copy she bought when she got married.  My tattered copy is in a box in the garage.  

She also brought the cookie cake.  
She is much loved.  She brought one of 3 cookie cakes.  She had 6 cupcakes at home and flowers and a few other gifts from students. 

I was super organized.  I bought iceberg mix salad like Olive Garden.  I had black olives in the fridge and I had picked romaine and swiss chard from the garden washed and it was chilling.  I added red onions while she was cooking the sauce.

So when it was time to eat all I had to do was boil pasta and make sauce.  I actually don't like making Alfredo.  For some reason it's hard for me.  I just can't seem to remember the recipe and I am constantly going from recipe to sauce and back.   So I recruited her to read me the recipe.  That didn't last long.  So moved me over and began her magic . . . 
Good thing it was a pony tail day! 
My original plan was to serve the sauce and noodle from large 
plain white new Corelle bowls.  We decided the pot worked 
better.  So the bowls we used for the bread . . .
The waiting table.  I added clear cut glass plates.  There were my mothers they are old.   The salad is served from the large bowl from a container store nesting bowl set.  Love it! .
Not so nice for a salad bowl but it worked!  

Did you notice my lovely table runner.   Just a plain 'ole black towel I grabbed at the last minute.  One of the stemmed glasses got replaced by a plastic glass for our grandson.  My daughter was nervous about him handling the glass.  

Everything was lovely.  It was a Blessing to celebrate our daughters 35 birthday.  Oh my word!  I can't believe it!  
The entertainment began right after the meal.  X box.  Always fun for a boy and his Pa.

Note to self....
  • shop for large glass bowl for salad
  • shop for appropriate vessel to serve bread in
  • make a table runner 
  • Next class at GiGi's drinking from stemware
Happy Birthday Jennifer!
I'll be planning a birthday celebration for the 8 year old soon
What fun!

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