Friday, April 14, 2017

A Little This/That And A Couple Parties

Good Morning Dear Friends
I do hope this day finds you happy and well.

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And maybe getting ready for a wonderful Easter weekend! 

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I've been a busy girl.  
Working and keeping our Cabin Cozy. 
Today I am working on making over the mantle
I have a few elements in place. 
It's a work in progress...
The foundation elements are in place.  I have the primitive chippy mirror in the center
A group of silver painted wooden candles anchor the left end
This work in progress looks a little silly right now
I guess your wondering why the Santa photo!
I was just auditioning frames and choosing which ones I'll use
Then I will dig through photo's and switch them out. 
Just in time to link for the end of ...

Have you visited and linked at the party?
The party goes on all month every month. 
There is a monthly theme with barely any rules.  
I would love for you to come over and link.  
And plan ahead for the month of May.
It should be tons of fun sharing Copy Cat Posts.
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I wanted to give you a 'heads up' so you could plan some posts.
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Have you tried any Copy Cat Recipes?
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Or maybe saw a magazine layout and you can't wait  to Copy?
Maybe you saw a  pin that strikes your fancy. 
All posts are welcome!  
You have all of April to think about 
Being a . . . 
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Come over and join the parties at
Our Holiday Journeys

And for June

Happy Easter

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