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Dial P for Poison-Book Review

About the book (provided by Great Escapes Tours)
Movies. Muffins. Murder.
Maggie Doyle moved to Ireland to escape her cheating ex and crumbling career in the San Francisco PD. When the most hated woman on Whisper Island is poisoned at her aunt’s Movie Theater Café, Maggie and her rock-hard muffins are hurled into the investigation.
With the help of her UFO-enthusiast friend, a nun, and a feral puppy, Maggie is determined to clear her aunt’s name. Can she catch the murderer before they strike again? Or will her terrible baking skills burn down the café first?
Cozy, quirky, and fun, this tongue-in-cheek mystery is a delicious introduction to the Movie Club Mysteries Series. Grab a cocktail and join Maggie as she takes her detective skills across the pond in Dial P For Poison
And I Thought....
I rarely get a chance to read book 1 of a series.  This time I managed to read the 1st one! Yea me.  And, to my joy book 2 is awaiting me on my phone! 

I was captivated from page 1 until the end!  I am choppin' at the bit to open up book 2 but alas there are other books ahead in my que.  Dawng it.  Can you tell I really enjoyed Dial P for Poison?

Honestly I liked loved the story better than the cover.  If I   was perusing the shelf in a store I wouldn't be drawn to the cover.  Sadly it wasn't catching to me.  If it isn't catching to you ignore it and purchase anyway.  You'll be glad you did!  

I loved Maggie from the start.  I rooted for her as she struggled with persuading the local authorities to investigate.  

And, when a handsome motorcycling stranger appear in town I had it pegged.   Handsome hunk.  Romance in the making.  Except
handsome hunk ended up being 'the law' sent to take over the investigating for the stumble bum local law enforcer.

Because I was intending to review this book I wrote down the characters and took some notes.  I loved that in chapter 13 the author included a list of suspects.  All 13 of them.  There were a lot of quirky characters in this book.  

I didn't get confused.  Maybe because I was taking notes but probably not.  Many of the suspects were scratched off the list rather quickly....

Except poor Noreen Maggie's aunt.  Whose business's began to suffer when she was arrested for murder. 

The suspect list was long including...
Paul the son-in-law of the victim.  And his wife Melanie.   Paul was not faithful in his marriage and had a difficult time managing business/money so he was a prime suspect in offing his MIL and inheriting the fortune everyone suspected she had. 

Then there was Paddy Driscoll aunt Noreen's neighbor who helped take care of her animals when she was away.  He had an axe to grind with the victim over a land dispute.  

The story revolves around Maggie trying to investigate and clear her aunts name without getting into trouble with the new 
authority in charged handsome motorcycle hunk Sergeant Reynolds. 

All's well that ends well when Maggie discovers who actually did the deed.  Everyone in the town is grateful when they are no longer on the suspect list!  

Maggie is persuaded to stay in town when she is given a lease on a cottage for a few months.  And guess who her neighbor is!

I am looking forward to book two!

I received a complimentary copy from Great Escapes Tours.
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About the series
Postmen. Poltergeists. Poitín. When former San Francisco cop, Maggie Doyle, extends her stay in Ireland, dealing with more murder and mayhem isn’t on her to-do list. The instant Maggie and her UFO-enthusiast friend discover the dead body of the Whisper Island postman, Maggie’s plans to chill for the next two months are put on ice. After Police Sergeant Reynolds, Maggie’s handsome neighbor, arrests Lenny’s brother for the murder, her friend begs her to find the real killer. Meanwhile, Maggie is hired to investigate ghostly goings on at the Whisper Island Hotel. Can she solve two crimes before St. Patrick’s Day? Or will the island’s annual celebrations end in a glittery flame of green, white, and orange?                                                                              Watch for the release of book 3 in June!

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