Saturday, April 15, 2017

Cozy Office Space

Welcome Dear One's
I hope your having a lovely Saturday
I am spending the day in my Office/Sewing/Crafting Room 
I've changed my desk space a little 'Wanta See?'

A little imposter joined the party!
I love this little guy so I'll let him stay!
Maybe he can spell check!

 :       :
Another favorite from a friend he is a cute little trinket box.
I have two Department 56 bunnies that my daughter gave me years ago

It's fun to collect. It gives friends and family ideas on what to give you for gifts.
A gift from my mother. . .
 :     :
Adorable detail . . . 

Another favorite.  He is little.  Soft and cuddly.
The grouping
I am surrounded with things and people I love . . . 
The pencil holder is another gift from my mother . . . 
The little bunny on the side is actually for a flower pot.
I love him on my desk.  I bought him myself at a garden store.
A sweet little moss covered bunny from my daughter last year.
I love the rock paper weight.  
A hand painted rock from my Daddy.

Surrounding myself with favorite things makes my little space warm and cozy anytime of year!

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