Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Friday Date Night update join us....

Update on Friday Date night. I need your help. Join me come up with some great ideas for date night with your hubby. You can write your post any day. And you can have your date any day or night. Let's face it girls some of us are loooooooooooong over due for a date night.

Like my friend Kim who got to go out the other night see below....

Oh the poor girl was so loooooooong over due. But they had a fabulous time and she even posted photo's you'll have to go to Kim's Date Night and read the rest of the post. And lucky girl that she is because her post was so cute she is getting a prize this week.

Last week because Denise wrote a post and then came over told me she won a great prize. And Hip Chick wrote a cool post too. It was hard to choose my favorite so I chose both of them.

So join us and helps out and write a post and then stop over here and tell me. I might choose yours as my favorite this week and you'll win a prize.

Here's the original post about Friday Date Night.

Here's the link to Denise's post. Here's the link to Hipchick's post.

Oh and before I wanted to tell you how I happened to meet Kim. She doesn't even know this but. It was because of her profile photo. Here's why....

I almost envy her. I wish I could be this cute in a hat! O.K. so you think I am weird. You can see how weird by going to my What's In A Name post. There I explain all about what blogs I visit and why.

Happy Date Night everyone!
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